“How to Write a Personal Comments Essay for Medical College” is a guide to writing a successful personal essay.  In addition to offering advice, this guide provides 15 different templates that can be customized to fit your own history, personality and reason for wanting to become a physician.  For $19.99 US, you receive the following:

-Insight and advice for constructing your essay
-How to write a strong opening and hook the reader
-Tips for connecting key points
-How to finish with a strong close
-Do’s and don’ts
-15 templates to spark your own creativity in building a compelling and unique essay.  Each template addresses a different motivation for wanting to enter the health care field.  Applicant’s will find this guide a tremendous resource in writing the most important document in your life.  This guide helps you craft a unique personal essay that showcases your abilities and attributes.  It does not write the essay for you, but guides you through the process by stimulating your own creativity and imagination.

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