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Need help writing your personal essay or interviewing for medical, dental or veterinary college?

For years, Dr. Kristen Nelson has helped students achieve their dream of entering Medical, Dental or Veterinary College. Her guides share the techniques for writing a personal essay and interviewing she used to gain acceptance into the veterinary college of her choice. Dr. Nelson was accepted on her first try. For those who wish to become health care professionals, these guides are invaluable in helping you tell your story in a compelling manner.

I wish you success as you pursue your dream  -Dr. Kristen Nelson

Medical College

You want to become a physician.  Congratulations!  According to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), tens of thousands of students apply to medical school every year.  Most have excellent grades, impressive test scores and experience in the medical field.  So how does a candidate distinguish themself from the rest and gain admission into medical college?  The answer lies in the Personal Comments Essay and interview.

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Dental College

You want to become a dentist.  Congratulations!  You have chosen a fascinating career.  According to the American Dental Education Association, thousands of students apply to dental school every year.  Most have excellent grades, impressive DAT scores and experience.  So how does a candidate distinguish themself from the rest and gain admission into dental college?  The answer lies in the Personal Statement and interview.

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Veterinary College

You want to be a veterinarian. Fantastic! Veterinary Medicine is a wonderful profession.  So much so, that around the globe 2011 was designated World Veterinary Year.  Like anything worthwhile in life, becoming a vet is hard work. You need to stand-out in that competition.  Great grades and experience matter but so does the manner in which you tell your story.  You must present a compelling, unique and memorable way for the admissions committee to remember you.  The guides available are designed to do just that for both your personal statement and interview.  With a smart approach dreams can come true - I was accepted into veterinary school on my first try.

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