Congratulations on making the first cut!  The only thing standing between you and your first day of medical school is an interview.  For many people, the thought of interviewing makes them sick.  Relax, it does not have to be that way.  With proper preparation, you can distinguish yourself from the others and secure a place in the incoming class.

“How To Interview For Medical College” is a guide that will prepare you for what is arguably the most important interview of your career.  For only $15.99 US the following material is covered:

-A general explanation of the interview process, interviewers and strategies they use
-How to handle anxiety
-What to expect in the waiting room
-Sample interview questions arranged in general categories
-A list of questions you can use to impress the interview committee
-Tips for effective communication
-A list of don’ts
-Specific action steps for preparation broken down into the following time slots:

One month prior
One week prior
Day before interview
Day of interview
Thirty minutes before interview

To purchase this guide click here or go to the following url at